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Creating an abandoned cart follow-up sequence that converts

One of the most frustrating things a customer can do is abandon their cart. You’ve gotten them to your site, they’ve found products they like, they go to purchase them, and then? Nothing. The trend of cart abandonment can cost you big time in the long run, especially if it happens frequently. 

Customers can leave their cart for a number of reasons.  Some may be things you can fix within your own site, like simplifying your checkout process or adding security measures. The number one reason customers leave is presenting them with unexpected costs, whether that’s tax, shipping and handling, or other hidden fees. (If that’s you, you might want to lower some costs.)

Other times, people leave their carts for things you can’t control. Some customers may just be browsing, without serious plans to buy, or perhaps they find a better price elsewhere. They may have been on a deadline, and didn’t have time to complete the purchase. Or maybe, they left your site to find a coupon code, and then never went back. It can be nearly impossible to predict exactly why a customer left your site, but now it’s up to you is get them back.

The best way to win back a customer and close the sale is to reach out via email. You must break down their objections and perhaps offer incentives for them to purchase your product. You can quell their concerns with targeted email marketing, described in our easy step-by-step communication guide:

Start by using our app to collect email addresses and discover what specific product each customer left behind. Personalization is key to connecting with a customer and convincing them to come back. They’ll notice when you use their name in the email subject and take the time to know exactly what item they are looking to purchase. 

Once you’ve collected emails and information, it’s time to reach out! A series of emails will remind customers of their abandoned cart and incentivize them to make a purchase. We use three targeted emails for all visitors who abandon their carts. In your email sequence, you should start low stakes and increase your intensity of trying to win the sale as time goes on. It looks something like this:

Email 1 - 30mins after abandonment - “Hey, we know you love [niche], why don’t you come back and complete your order?”

Email 2 - 24hrs after last email - “[Name], we know you’re a bit on the fence about your order so we wanted to make sure you’re aware of our 60-day money back guarantee. If you have any issues simply get in touch and we’ll refund your money no questions asked”.

Email 3 - 48hrs after last email - “[Name], we know that you’re a fan of [niche] and we’d hate for you to miss out. Here’s a 10% discount code to use on your purchase plus you’re covered by our 60-day money back guarantee.”

This simple reminder of your product and brand can be all you need to persuade a customer to make a purchase. Sometimes, just the first nudge is enough to lure visitors back to their cart. If they don’t take action after the first email, reach out again. By offering a money back guarantee and coupon codes, customers are no longer concerned about any risks of doing business with your company.


Don’t let cart abandonment plague your business. By following these steps to follow-up with customers and win them back, you’ll increase your revenue and build a lasting relationship with your visitors. Use our app to create personal, targeted email communication that works.

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