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Facebook Marketing Made Easy - A quick look into an ad tactic that converts

If your sales are lagging, or you’re just looking to revitalize your business and reach new customers, all you need to use is Facebook! You may only think of social media as a place to share product photos or updates, but with the right techniques, you can boost your sales in no time. This proven tactic is easy to set up, and will quickly bring in new customers. Follow these steps for a quick and easy Facebook sales tactic:

1. Choose your item

Find a low cost item that costs you next to nothing within your niche but is also desirable to your customers. Perhaps a small accessory like a hairband, maybe a nice-looking pen, or anything else. Make sure it is something desirable, and should have consistent sales in the past, so you know your customers will want it. Make sure it’s something that is unique, as if it’s an item that could easily be picked up at a corner store, the free cost might not be enough.

2. Make the item FREE

A free item?! Yep, you heard me right. Ask your customers to only pay the shipping, and they’ll get their small item completely free. No one can turn down a free item! When you select your item, you may want to make it something that is easy to ship, so customers aren’t quickly turned away by super high shipping costs.

3. Set up a shipping rule for that item that covers the price of the product + delivery

Make sure you adjust your site accordingly for this deal. Check for bugs, and increase the shipping and delivery costs as necessary so you don’t come out at a loss. Have an upsell system set up so you can increase the order value. People are more excited to get a free item that has a higher original cost.

4. Run a Facebook ad

Create an ad on Facebook to target your specific customer market, featuring the product, and explaining, "Get it free, just pay shipping". A high quality image of your product is key, to ensure it looks appealing and people will be driven to buy. If you’re new to Facebook ads, do a few trials to determine exactly what audience demographics work best for you.


Now, wait for the money to roll in! As customers will see your ad for a free product, they will head to your site. Not only will you generate traffic (great for SEO and ranking), but it will also help provide more information about potential customers. If you sell a variety of great products (make sure you feature some intriguing “People Also Bought” items at the bottom of the page), then customers will likely add an extra item to their cart. Even if you don’t make much on the free item, if you’ve earned a new customer, it’s worth it. Some people might just take your free+shipping offer, but don’t worry. You now have their email address to add to your newsletter, and sell to them later on. Alert them of new arrivals of products similar to what they bought, or of future sales.

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