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About Gravitate

We give you the power to control the way your users gravitate to and around your brand.

Powerful, results driven Shopify Apps designed to increase sales in your store.

Gravitate is a company that arose from the frustrations and inefficiencies seen in ecommerce software by founder Jayden Petherick. As a software developer, he worked closely with ecommerce companies to build custom solutions or tweak existing software and would find that a lot of the functionality that each store requested was similar to the next. That’s where the power of apps came into the picture. Instead of charging $10k+ to build custom apps on a case by case basis he was able to distill the best ideas from each into affordable and powerful solutions.

Jayden realised that businesses were not only overpaying to have custom solutions built, they were also missing out on important features as they were limited to their own experience. As an online store, you’re subject to your own experiences within the marketplace. Why shouldn’t your apps optimise your store so it operates at a level that’s in line with the best in the biz? Well, that’s what we aim to do.

Simple to use - Each app should be easy to use (less than 60 seconds to setup & autopilot from the very beginning.) We understand that you don’t want to have to learn a new piece of software each time one is installed. Instead, you should be up and running in under 60 seconds and be able to sit back and see the benefits immediately!

Powerful - Each app should offer a high level of control and precision for marketers and owners that really want to dig into their business.

Connected - With each Gravitate app you add to your store, their effects are multiplied. With more information coming through about your customers and how they interact with your store, we’re able to offer insights and suggestions so you can get the most out of your system.

Intuitive - We’re not sure about you, but we’ve dealt with our fair share of dodgy software. Here at Gravitate we aim to provide you intuitive, easy to use software that invokes confidence. We’re 100% focused on design and user experience not only in your store but in our software as well! Never second guess a button click again!

We value Simplicity, Design, Power and Flexibility.

We don't believe software should be hard to use. Instead, we create a feeling of excitement in using our products as they genuinely will improve your business once they're installed.

Have you ever felt the dread of signing up for a new software? Not only because of the typically high price tag, but also because of the learning curve that you're bound to face. At Graviate we eliminate both of those scenarios by building software that can be installed and up and running in under 60 seconds but also gives you advanced power and functionality if you need it!

We achieve this by focusing on design and simplicity from the start. We strip away any unnecessary buttons and focus on the elements that will get you results!

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